Workstation (SlicerCIP)

Extension to the Slicer that integrates:

  • CIP functionality as a Toolkit exposing of the CLIs.
  • Slicer specific modules to provide user-friendly chest CT quantitative solutions.
  • Visualization of scale-space particles and labelmaps
  • Integrated workflows to end-to-end clinical evaluation.

Slicer is a free, open-source and multiplatform software application for medical imaging computing. We have developed the Chest Imaging Platform Slicer extension that contains the SlicerCIP tools and a customized build of CIP that supports them. 

SlicerCIP is a collection of interactive and visual tools called modules that are integrated in Slicer application. SlicerCIP has been conceived as a workstation for radiologist, but is also suitable for any kind of researchers working on lung, heart or vascular diseases. This modules can be installed in Slicer as bundle or individually.

Click [here] to download the workstation.