Library (CIP)

The CIP Library is a package of tool for developers that can be executed either interactively or in automated processes. 

The tools are divided into six main categories:

  • Segmentation: Segmentation of different parts of the lung following our Chest Conventions.
  • Registration: Lung registration tools.
  • Particles: High level tools that use algorithms based on particles to segment and classify airways and vessels.
  • Processing: Processing tools that are usually required as a previous step for another higher level tools, but that can be used independiently.
  • Quantification: Quantification of different general image statistics.
  • Utils: Auxiliary tools that are used by different CLIs.

Each category has a number of tools that goes from 3 to more than 20, that can be used either on an individual basis or combined in automatic batch processes.

Click [here] to install the library.